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After a few hundred boring years in Hell, Vivi’xidan is finally summoned to the mortal plane.

Follow Vivi on the path of adventure and learning more about mortals (which are no less cunning than most demons), as Hell tries to follow them and ruin all the fun. Features action, magic and monster people!

Content warning information: this story includes lots of killing of different sentient beings, but it doesn’t have explicit gore. I still put a content warning, because it’s better to be safe than sorry. It also contains a few profane words here and there…

Genres: Action, Adventure, Fantasy

Tags: Anti-Hero Lead, Magic, Non-Human Lead, Strong Lead, Demons

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  • Chapter 1 - Hell is Boring as Hell

    Hell is a terrible place. I’m sure, you’ve heard stories about it, but the reality is, as often the case, much worse. Unless you’re the follower of a few of the mortal religions, then you probably believe in a bunch of terrible nonsense… I swear, only mortals could imagine a place where they will be tortured indefinitely after death and scare their children with it. Don’t get me wrong, many demons would love to torture a mortal or two, or a hundred. But there are no mortals in Hell…

  • Chapter 2 - Even Hell Has Standards

    Girl’s eyes were filled with resolve and determination. “Evil mister took me and my friends and locked us up. Help me free them! Please.” Amelia clarified her request.

  • Chapter 3 - All Paths Lead Somewhere

    Before I could reply to Helena’s offer, another person came to our table. His figure was tall and intimidating, wrapped in a long coat covering all of his body except his face. His face was of light grey color he had long ears and grey, almost white, hair. I guess his species was called night elf? I’m not an expert in mortals, I can name 2640 types of Sloth demons, though.

  • Chapter 4 - Green Wave

    You may ask, how was I, so praised by myself for being sneaky, managed to be ambushed twice already. First, this time it was Arthur’s fault that his ritual was noticed. And even then, I wasn’t caught off-guard. Second, I didn’t have any experience stealthing in the mortal world and didn’t know much about this world’s magic, that’s why I didn’t anticipate the alarm the cultist placed. Obviously, there was much to learn for me about this world and its cunning denizens. Exciting! But first, we had a fight ahead.

  • Chapter 5 - Arturel

    I’ll spare you the travel montage. We packed everything that could be useful, freed people, organized in a caravan and moved out. Some turned to Flamehold on the crossroads, most followed us to Arturel. With camping during the night, the track took us two days. The forest receded a few hours before we reached the city, replaced with fields and farms. More people traveled the roads near Arturel, some caravans and farmers were passing by us. Mostly normal people. But we passed a few military patrols too. Compared to the guards back in Flamehold, those people were much better equipped: they wore full plate shining white armor. Each carried different weapons, probably based on their personal preference, some carrying two swords or a short sword and a spear. Some patrols were lead by people in more decorated armor with a tabard draped over, likely depicting their ranking.

  • Chapter 6 - Hell of a Plan

    After an evening of drinking and eating, we agreed to meet near the same tavern the next day at noon, and everyone parted their ways. I was going to be staying in the same tavern, but in reality, as soon as everyone left, I hit the streets under the cover of the night. Most big streets in the middle part of the city were lit by oil lamps and patrolled by armed guards. At least one guard in each squad carried some sort of magical torch that consisted of a wooden stick for a handle and a glowing ball floating slightly above the top end of it. It wasn’t holly light, nor was it very bright, so it didn’t prevent me from moving in the shadows, but I still avoided getting close to the guards. Even though shops were closed, a lot of people weren’t sleeping yet, with lights pouring from the windows of houses and noise flooding from numerous taverns. Some folks wandered the streets, but mostly the biggest ones.

  • Chapter 7 - It's Dangerous To Go Alone

    We were planning to meet with my party near the tavern the next day, but first, I had to go shopping with Rin.