Hi! My name is Eiren Rain or Eirenliel and this is my site/blog. It’s used primarily so people could find links to my stuff in a permanent place.

My social networks that are more or less active:

  • GitHub - I share most of the code I write, and I run a huge open-source project SlimeVR
  • Twitter @Eirenliel - I’m being very gaye there (Fuck Elon, I barely use twi now)
  • Twitch - I occasionally stream coding process and I might start streaming more in the future (I probably won’t)
  • Scribble Hub - I write fiction here (I don’t)
  • Royal Road - I also write fiction here (I don’t)
  • Habr - Some coding articles I wrote in Russian are here
  • Speedrun.com - I am trying to speedrun sometimes (I don’t)
  • Telegram Channel - If you like Telegram, here I post rarely and mostly in picture form. Telegram channel was closed due to inactivity


I work on a few things that you can follow too!


SlimeVR is a set of open hardware sensors and open source software that facilitates full-body tracking (FBT) in virtual reality. With no base station required, SlimeVR makes wireless VR FBT affordable and comfortable.

A set of 5 SlimeVR Trackers

I started developing it in December 2022, opened Discord and first posted publicly about it in March 2021. In August 2021 I launched a crowdfunding campaign on Crowd Supply with a great success.

Join discord or subscribe to the campaign page if you want to follow the development.

Elteria Adventures


I don’t work in Elteria since 2021! I founded it and used to work there as lead programmer, gamedesigner, project manager, and many more between 2015 and 2021. I left before they pivoted to en-fee-tees, I would’ve never allowed this or agreed to work on this. Don’t contact me about it.

Elteria Adventures is a multiplayer action RPG set in a player-changable voxel world. I used to write code for it and did a lot of other things. Mainly code. Also I’m one of the founders. Check it here (links might be broken due to changes in naming and goals):


I made GreenCubes, that once was the biggest Minecraft server in Russia, that run on custom server written from scratch. We had our own client fork and even started writing custom client that then became Elteria Adventures. Some of the code is here. Server still needs to be published, I just never have time for it…


Sometimes I write things! You can check them in the Writing section of my site, or follow me on sites where people publish web series and where it’s easy to read them:

Untitled Demon Book

Read on:

Untitled Demon Book Cover


Sometimes I draw, you can find more in Telegram Channel and in the ‘art’ tag here. Other creative things here by the tag ‘creative’.