Hi! My name is Eiren Rain or Eirenliel and this is my site/blog. It’s set up primarily for me to write long posts that can be linked on my social networks. By the way, you’re welcomed to subscribe to my Twitter and Telegram! It’s pretty gay.

My social networks that are more or less active:

  • Twitter @Eirenliel - I mostly post here about D&D and retweet D&D, tech, art and gay things.
  • Telegram Channel - If you like Telegram, here I post rarely and mostly in picture form.
  • Twitch - I occasionally stream coding process and I might start streaming more in the future.
  • GitHub - I occasionally share code I write.
  • Scribble Hub - I write fiction here.
  • Royal Road - I also write fiction here.
  • Habr - Some coding articles I wrote in Russian are here.
  • Speedrun.com - I am trying to speedrun sometimes.


Sometimes I write things! You can check them in the Writing section of my site, or follow me on sites where people publish web series and where it’s easy to read them:

Untitled Demon Book

Read on:

Untitled Demon Book Cover


Sometimes I draw, you can find more in Telegram Channel and in the ‘art’ tag here. Other creative things here by the tag ‘creative’.



I work on a few things that you can follow too!

Elteria Adventures


Elteria Adventures is my project. It’s a multiplayer action RPG set in a player-changable voxel world. I write code for it and do a lot of other things. Mainly code. Also I’m one of the founders. Check it here:

One day here will be links to all articles I wrote about it! When I have any…