After going on a vacation a few weeks ago I have unlocked my creativity, motivation, and inspiration. Who would have thought, that I needed a break after being constantly responsible for one project or another since leaving school? Depends on how you count, I haven’t been on proper vacation since summer 2010…

For the last two years, I’ve read more books and web novels than I’ve read in my entire life before this and all this time (and for some time before) I’ve been dreaming to start writing my own and publish it online for everyone to see. I’m a huge sucker for some fantasy adventures with non-human protagonists… AND I’M FINALLY DOING IT AAAAAAAA

You can find it on this site or on one of the sites more suitable for reading web series and following authors:

It’s a story about a demon that got bored after years in hell and went to see what mortals are up to. Action, adventure, magic, weird people and more magic.

This is a whole new experience for me, I and I’m living for it now :D I even drawn a cover for it!!! Heckkkkkkkk

Anyhow, check this out if you want, or do whatever, I’m just sharing my happiness ^^

Oh, I also drew this cover! Which is the first proper illustration I’ve drawn!


I’m doing a lot more stuff on my vacation, some of which I might share later too! Follow me on Twitter and in Telegram if you want to :3

I also opened a whole new section of this site, along with different updates (it’s dark now, for example): Writing!